Problem Statement
The problem that we have chosen to address is to educate students on other career paths besides college. Many high schools have classes preparing students for college, making it a college based school, without considering the option of the working class. Some students do not consider college because they cannot afford it, or it does not interest them. Either way, students are not adequately prepared for vocational training and skills without proper education.

This problem affects the student body and job communities the most. The reason for this is because students at schools are usually given that college is the only path in the future. Schools do not offer other plans for students to take. People, such as plumbers, electricians and mechanics are critical for society, without needing a college education. Students sometimes are given the wrong impression on these professions.

If this problem continues, students not interested in furthering their education in a college setting may consider dropping out of high school, because they see nothing for them besides a college option. The people affected also will not have the proper awareness or skill in the workplace. Without these abilities, people may become unemployed. Action must be taken now because our economy is not stable. Without job opportunities, people will not be able to support themselves and or their family in the future.

Policy Statement
Our goal is to create more programs for students who choose another path instead of college. To accomplish our goal, we propose to support more options such as vocational classes, field trips to different places, and internships would greatly help this cause. The positives of this project are, students are given more chooses and have a goal after high school and there might be less of a drop-out rate.


Amanda Fetter, Gianna Orosco
North Kingstown High school
150 Fairway Drive
North Kingstown, RI 02852,

8 December, 2012

Re: Vocational Programs at North Kingstown High School

Dear Mr., Ms., or Mrs.:
Our names are Amanda Fetter and Gianna Orosco. We are residents of North Kingstown. We are interested in the possibility of introducing vocational programs in the North Kingstown community. Students not interested in furthering their education, in a college setting, may consider dropping out of high school due to their lack of education and awareness of vocational opportunities. Without these skills and the proper education, student may become unemployed, causing them to be unable to support themselves in our weak economy. Vocational programs are needed to help people gain the education, skills and awareness to be successful in a working community.
Students who are not planning to go to college, usually, are lost after graduating high school. We strongly think that more career focused school trip and internships would help this cause. We have been researching on vocational schools and seen the progress that some of them make. We believe that these types of programs help students to be successful in life and give them more of a goal, other than college. We would like to have your support and advice on this issue. Any suggestions on how to this issue could be addressed would be helpful.
Thank you for taking your time and reading upon our issue. If you found our topic interesting, we would like to invite you to our Democracy Night on January 9, 2013 in the North Kingstown High School cafeteria from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. There will also be many other democracy projects there that may interest you. Thank you, again, for your time.
Amanda Fetter Gianna Orosco

Results and Reflection

Some successes of our project are that the school committee has taken notice to the issue of Vocational programs at North Kingstown High school and have been trying to resolve this issue. Obstacles that we have faced is, time and our amount of research. We did not have the efficient amount of time to make meetings and interview vocational schools, students, and the school committee. We did receive many emails that agree with our proposal and try to help us by making appointments for interviews and meeting. We also had some feedback from fellow North Kingstown High School students. Some changes were made as a result to our project such as bring this issue to the attention to the school committee and having them aware that students want to be more informed, about vocational programs in their school. If we could start this project, we would probably try and set up meetings with school officials, earlier in the progress, so that we could get their opinions and suggestions.

Moving Forward
If we could continue to work on our cause, we would present to the North Kingstown School Committee and the Town Counsel, going more into detail explaining our issue. Advice we would give to other groups interested in the same issue would be to set up meetings with school officials earlier in the process so they could get more input and use it as a possible source. What needs to happen in order for this issue to be solved is to raise public awareness and to inform students that college isn’t the only option to be successful in the working community