Problem Statement
The town of North Kingstown, Rhode Island does not have a place for teens to hang out and participate in activities outside of school in an appropriate environment. It is shown that self-care and boredom can increase the likelihood that a young person may experiment with drugs and alcohol by as much as 50% (AfterschoolAlliance). Therefore, giving students a place to go on the weekdays after school and weekends would provide a safe social atmosphere. A teen center would also bring the community of NK together in one place. The community will be brought together by teens of the same town participating in events resulting in an increase of social relationships.
The problem of not having a teen center affects the town of North Kingstown. It directly affects the preteen and teen students. These kids do not have a place to be who they are, call their own, or to have an open space to play games, have cookouts and other activities (vete). Indirectly, parents and families are affected by their kids’ lack of a safe environment to hang out with friends. This is causing drugs and alcohol use to occur because the teen feel there is nothing else to occupy them.
If the problem continues the drug, alcohol, and crime rates among teens in North Kingstown will increase. If action is taken now more students may be lead in the direction of a drug free future. Also, younger generations will learn to be different then the generations before them. Drugs and alcohol use may decrease because kids can find other means of “fun”. Without a teen center there will not be a sense of community among the teens which may uplift their outlook on life.

Proposal Policy

Our goal is to reduce crime and drug rates in North Kingstown, Rhode Island while also bringing together the teen community. This can be accomplished through a teen center. We propose the center be created in the old Wickford Elementary School. This space would offer an open field for athlete events, numerous rooms for activities, and a playground. Also, the North Kingstown Free Library is right up the hill for kids who need to study, along with a RIPTA bus stop just across the street. Parents and teens would support this idea because it gives them a place to go and provides jobs for people looking to work with kids. Although this will cost the town some money to fix up the building and keep it running, the outcome will be positive and bring the community together.

Letter To Elected Official
Vanessa-Rose Paiva, Sabrina Pelletier
North Kingstown High School
150 Fairway Drive
North Kingstown, R.I. 02852

December 6th 2012
Re: Teen center in North Kingstown

Mr. Maloney

Dear Mr. Maloney:
The town of North Kingstown currently does not have a place where teens are able to safely participate in activities afterschool and on weekend hours. Without an appropriate place for teens to hang out, crime and drug abuse rates will continue and possibly increase. If there is a place for teens to hang out safely, they will not have the chance to engage in crime, preventing crime and drug abuse. Between 3pm and 6pm is the peak time for teens to commit crimes, be victims of crimes, drink, use drugs or be in or cause car crashes.
The solution would be to turn Wickford Elementary into a Teen Center for the town of North Kingstown. Wickford Elementary is great place for a Teen Center; there is a park, a field and a gym for teens to play on. The North Kingstown Free Library is also right up the hill from Wickford Elementary providing books and computers for homework. Many benefits would result in The Teen Center, including keeping teens safe and preventing drug and crime rates. It would also bring the community closer together and provide more jobs for unemployed citizens in Rhode Island.
Please help support the Teen Center of North Kingstown. We invite you to attend NKHS Dialogues in Democracy Night on January 9th 2013 in the NKHS cafeteria between 6:30pm and 8pm. At Democracy Night you will be able to see the Teen Center project and many others as well. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vanessa-Rose Paiva Sabrina Pelletier


Teen Center in North Kingstown

To the Town Council;
We, the undersigned, live in North Kingstown, RI. We are concerned about the absence of a Teen Center in North Kingstown. We propose that instead of selling Wickford Elementary, the town of North Kingstown should give back to the community and convert it to a safe environment for teens to go. A Teen Center will lower crime and drug rates for future generations and bring the community closer together. It would provide a fun and safe place for teens to enjoy their youth and grow.
























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